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1 What's your job?你做什麼工作?

2 You are just saying that.你只是說說而已。

3  Do you have a room available?你們有空房間嗎?

4 Do you have any hobbies?你有什麼愛好嗎?

5 You deserve it.這是你應得的

6 Do you have some change?你有零錢嗎?

7 Let's go visit them.讓我們去拜訪他們吧

8 My phone was out of order.我的電話壞了。

9 How long will it take me to get there?到那兒要多長時間?      

10 I'll see what I can do.我看一看能怎麼辦。

11 I'm glad you enjoyed it.你喜歡我就高興

12 Maybe it will work也許這個辦法會有效。

13  Whatever you think is fine with me.我隨你。

14  What are you up to?你在忙什麼呢?

15  What are your plans for the weekend?你周末計劃做什麼?

16  Where can I check in?在哪兒辦理登記手續?

17  Where can I go for help?我該怎麼辦呢?

18 It's been a long time.好久不見了。

19  I'm under a lot of pressure.我的壓力很大。

20 It's only a matter of time.這只是時間問題

21 Two heads are better than one.人多智廣。

22 Would you care for a drink?你要不要來點兒喝的?

23 Who is in charge here?這裡誰負責?

24 It really comes in handy.有了它真是方便。

25 You can't complain.你該知足了

26 We have a lot in common.我們有很多相同之處。

27 Don't get me wrong.別誤會我。

28 Something must be done about it.必須得想個辦法。

29 I'll keep my eyes open.我會留意的。

30 Could you take a picture for me?你能幫我拍照嗎?

31 There's a possibility.有這個可能。

32 This soup tastes great.這個湯非常美味

33 I'll keep that in mind.我會記住的。

34 We are in the same boat.我們的處境相同。

35I haven't the slightest idea.我一點兒都不知道。

36 May I try it on?我能試穿一下嗎?

37 When will it be ready?什麼時候能準備好?

38 How can I get in touch with you?我怎樣能跟你聯絡上?

39 Keep your fingers crossed.為成功祈禱吧。

40 Pain past is pleasure.過去的痛苦即是快樂

41 Could you drop me off at the airport?你能載我到飛機場嗎?

42 I'll take it.我要了
43 I'm on my way.我這就上路
44 I'll pick up the tab.我來付帳。

45 I'll have to see about that.這事兒我得想一想再定。

46 You've dialed the wrong number.你撥錯電話號碼了。

47 It's a once in a lifetime chance.這是一生難得的機會

48 Please accept my apology.請接受我的道歉

49 I wasn't aware of that.我沒有意識到。

50 You will be better off.你的狀況會好起來的。

51 How late are you open?你們營業到幾點?

52 appreciate your invitation.感謝你的邀請。

53 Don't take any chances.不要存僥倖心理。

54 Can I have a word with you?我能跟你談一談嗎?

55 That sounds like a good idea.那聽上去是個好主意。

56 Can I have a day off?我能請一天假嗎?

57 May I have a receipt?我可以要一張收據嗎?

58 That couldn't be better.那再好不過了

59 I have a complaint.我要投訴。

60 You should give it a try.你應該試一試。

61 Let's find out.我們去問一下吧。

62 You should take advantage of it.你應該好好利用這個機會。

63 How long did it last?持續了多久

64 Where have you been?你去哪兒了?

65 That's the way it is.就是這麼回事。

66 What's the weather like?天氣怎麼樣?

67 That's the way I look at it, too.我也是這麼想。

68 I feel the same way.我也有同感。

69 All I have to do is learn English.我所要做的就是學英語。

70 What's the purpose of your visit?你來訪的目的是什麼?

71 Let's hope for the best.讓我們往好處想吧。

72 Don't make any mistakes.別出差錯。

73 What's the deadline?截止到什麼時候?

74 Don't take it for granted.不要想當然

75 Just to be on the safe side.為安全起見。

76 Let's celebrate!讓我們好好慶祝一下吧!

77 I'm pressed for time.我趕時間

78 in every respect.指「在各個方面」。respect在這裡是「方面,著眼點」的意思。

79 First come, first served.捷足先登。

80 Face the music.承擔後果。Music此處是指法律制裁或懲處。

81 I have an appointment with the Sales Manager.我和銷售經理有個約會。

82 a blind date意為初次約會。date是約會的意思,而blind date則指第三人安排的男女間的首次約會。

因為對對方的長相,性格,愛好等等都不是非常熟悉,當然就是blind的啦。比如:James was too excited to have dinner. He was having a blind date with Sue in the evening. 詹姆斯激動得晚飯都吃不下了。晚上他要與蘇第一次見面。
此外,date除了指男女間的約會,還可以指和別人的預約。比如:The toothache is killing me. I』ve got to make a date with my dentist. 牙疼死了,我得跟我的牙醫約個時間看病了。
還有一個說法是:a heavy date, 意思是「男女間重要的約會」。

83 a drop in the bucket.滄海一粟;九牛一毛。此句源自聖經,原意為「水桶中的一滴水」。

84 Better safe than sorry.小心不出大錯。

85 Have you finished yet?你做完了嗎?

86 You did a bang-up job in this project.在這個項目里,他工作得特別出色。

87 They give me a big hand.他們給我熱烈的掌聲。give someone a big hand指掌聲鼓勵。

88 I wouldn』t count on it.我不會指望它,表示對某件事發生的可能性表示懷疑。
  當別人告訴你某事會發生,而你對它表示存疑時,可以用這個句子。但若是有人問你,某事會發生嗎?而你對那件事會發生的可能性表示懷疑的時候,要說:I wouldn』t count on it happening.
        前面兩句中,因為該件事情已經被前人提出,所以只說I wouldn』t count on it。若不是有人先提出某件事情會發生,而是由你先提出,那麼表示你不認為某件事會發生,要用「I wouldn』t count on +某件事」,把到底是哪件事說清楚。例如:
 I wouldn』t count on him being on time. 我不認為他會準時到。

89 He faces all the challenges with a light heart他以積極的心態面對所有的挑戰一個人的心,究竟有多重?
英語愛用 Heavy (重)或 Light (輕)來形容人的心情,故此有 Heavy heart 和 Light heart的說法,但我們要知道這些說法都與重量是沒有關係的,千萬不要弄錯了!
With a light heart 是指「處於一個沒有負擔的環境之中,因而心情輕鬆」的意思。例如:Although there are many difficulties in her life, she faces all of them with a light heart.雖然在她的生命中有很多困難,但她仍以輕鬆的心態面對。
既然有 With a light heart,那麼有沒有 With a heavy heart 呢?答案是有的,意思當然就與 with a light heart 相反,指「心情沉重」。

90 He was in a cold sweat他出了一身冷汗。In a cold sweat是冒出冷汗的意思。

91 Love is blind.中文裡有「愛情是盲目的說法」,英文里同樣也有這種說法,這個句子就是這個意思   92 I had my puppy love in the university.我的初戀在大學時代。puppy love指初戀。puppy 是小狗,但這與愛情又有甚麼關係呢?這是指小狗的愛情嗎?事實上,Puppy love 與小狗是沒有關係的,其正確意思就是指少男少女的第一次戀愛,亦即是「初戀」。大多數人的初戀都是甜蜜的,如我們可以說:Joseph』s puppy love took place at his age of sixteen and it brought him a sweet memory in his life.約瑟夫的初戀發生在他十六歲時,這段初戀成為他生命中甜美的回憶。此外,初戀除了可以用小狗來形容,也可以用上小牛( calf ),即 Calf love。例如我們可以說:Amy and Kenneth are serious about their calf love although they are still young.雖然艾米與肯尼思很年輕,但他們對這段初戀很認真。

93 Every dog has his day。凡人皆有得意日。常用來告誡人們不要小看他人。今天我們要給大家介紹的一個俗語是:Every dog has his day。Every dog has his day這個俗語的意思是:每個人總會有實現自己願望的一天。下面的例子是關於一個作家找不到出版商出版他的作品,於是他的朋友就勸他:Okay, so this publisher sent back your manuscript. There are plenty of other publishers. You'll find one who'll buy it--remember, every dog has his day!這個朋友說:行了,就算這個出版商把你的手稿退了回來,那還有好多出版商呢。你會找到一個願意接受你作品的出版商的。別忘了,人人都會有機會的

94。The new employee always drags his feet.那個新員工做事總是拖拖拉拉的。好多人在做一些事的時候會表現出拖拖拉拉,很不願意的樣子。美國人把這種現象稱為:to drag one's feet。下面的例子是一個百貨公司的僱員正在罷工,要求增加工資。這個公司的經理說:The union is dragging its feet on agreeing to a settlement. They think the company is getting desperate to get people back to work because Christmas is coming and that's our busiest time of year.工會拖拖拉拉地不肯就解決方案達成協議。他們認為,公司一定會迫不及待地要僱員回去工作,因為聖誕節快來了,這是我們一年最忙的時候。

95I feast my eyes on the arts in the museum.博物館里的藝術品讓我大飽眼福。世界各國的詩人寫了好多詩來描寫人的眼睛,有的把眼睛稱為"靈魂的窗戶",還有的說,人們通過眼睛所表達的語言在世界各處都是共同的。今天我們就來給大家介紹幾個和眼睛有關的習慣用語。中文裡有"飽嘗眼福"的說法。美國英語里也有類似的習慣用語。其中之一就是to feast your eyes on。Feast的意思是:宴請,舉行盛大的筵席,或使人得到享受等。宴請你的眼睛,使你的眼睛得到享受,實際上也就是"飽嘗眼福"的意思。To feast your eyes on這個說法可以應用到各個方面,比如說看到美貌的女子,欣賞自然風光,觀賞藝術作品等。To feast your eyes on還可以用在食品方面。我們下面來舉個例子吧:I'm on diet trying to lose ten pounds, so I stopped to feast my eyes on the cakes in the bakery window, but resisted the temptation to go in and buy one to eat.我正在設法減肥,想減輕我的體重十磅。為此,我只是到那些麵包房去飽飽眼福,但是盡量剋制自己不進去買東西吃。"美國人很喜歡吃蛋糕、奶油、冰淇淋等甜食。但是目前人們對食品中的糖份很敏感,特別是體重超重的人,往往克制自己的食慾而避免吃蛋糕之類的甜食。偶然吃了一點還好像犯了什麼錯誤一樣。
96 Did you enjoy your flight?你的飛行旅途愉快嗎?

97The thief was so luck to slip under the radar.那個小偷很幸運地逃過一劫。Slip under the radar的意思是go unnoticed。很多地方都有雷達(radar)自動測試並記錄過往車輛的時速,如果哪輛車超速會被拍下來,之後車主就等著受罰。但雷達偶爾也有不保險的時候,明明違規的車輛卻沒有逮住。這種情況下,肇事車和司機就是slip under the radar。引申開去,凡是應該被注意,卻沒有被注意到的情況(通常是壞事)都可以叫slip under the radar。比如:It's unfair that some people always slip under the radar even though they don't deserve luck. Alas, life is never fair to begin with.有些人根本不應得到幸運女神的眷顧,但他們總有辦法不被別人看到醜陋的一面。唉,生活本來就不公平。此外,還有一種意思相同的說法叫fly under the radar,顯然比slip更常用。

98Are you ready to order or just a minute?你們要點餐了嗎? 還是要再等一會?

99The naughty boy did not like to bear the brunt.那個淘氣的男孩不願接受指責。閱讀時事新聞時,經常會見到Bear the brunt這個短語。Brunt指「矛頭,衝突」,那麼整句成語是什麼意思呢?
Bear有忍受的意思,難道Bear the brunt的意思是「忍受矛頭指向自己」嗎?原來Bear the brunt是指「遭受到嚴重的打擊」又或是「承受某些事物的衝擊」,可以指被別人大聲責罵,亦可以指發生天災人禍。
看看例子吧:If we do something wrong, we have to bear the brunt and accept the punishment.如果我們做錯了事,便必須要接受指責,並要接受懲罰。即使對方有錯,我們也不要過分責備對方,Call someone』s name就是指大聲責罵他人。
例如:Although the boys behaved badly the teacher should not call their names.雖然這些男孩子品行差劣,但老師也不應該大聲辱罵他們。

100These things happen all the time.這是常有的事情









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